Emergency Special Report

September 24 , 2012

War is imminent
between Israel and Iran


In a few months Iran will have nukes. Its Supreme Leader, ayatollah Seyed Khamenei, vows to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.”

Israel's back is to the wall. If it waits, it faces nuclear annihilation. So it plans to attack Iran and destroy its nuclear program -- before the ayatollahs kill millions of Jews in a second Holocaust.

The Israelis aren't stopping there. Using a massive EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, they are going to shut down Iran's electric grid and Internet. Cellphones and telephones in Iran will no longer work. Same with the water systems... lights... all radio, TV, satellite and transportation systems.

Cars, trucks, and buses will be stuck in their parking places. Unable to start, run or move. Trains and planes won't start, their electrical systems fried.

Iran is going to back to the Stone Age. Possibly before the November U.S. election. The end of this year at the latest. With or without Obama's approval.

To say this will throw the world economy and markets into total chaos is an understatement. Get ready for the biggest economic shock in decades... and the best trade opportunities of the past 40 years.


Dear subscriber,

It is the most destabilized region of the world.

Islamic sickos out of the Dark Ages rule there with an iron fist. Life for the masses is hell.

Over the past ten years, unending Middle East conflicts have killed millions of people. Muslim extremists have seized power in country after country. They turn everyplace they seize into mass torture centers, where human blood fills the streets.

Now they are months away from their biggest prize to date. Using nuclear bombs to wipe out their hated enemy, Israel.

The most dangerous threat to mankind -– the hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism -– is the radical Shiite movement. Iran's fanatical ayatollahs run it. They believe they are on a holy mission from Allah to impose Islam on the whole world.

That is why Iran has planned every bloody revolution now taking place in the Middle East. It finances and provides the weapons for these revolutions. It even supplies the suicide bombers.

Crazy does not begin to describe these maniacs. They are closely allied with all major terrorist groups in the Islamic world. Including Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Since 911 they have moved their plans of global conquest ahead at breakneck speed. They've brought radical Islam to England. Europe. Much of Asia and the entire Middle East.

Even the U.S. faces more and more Muslim attacks on its people (911, Ft. Hood). Americans are increasingly vulnerable to the sick Muslim way of life (Sharia law, honor killings).

The Iranians have subjugated Pakistan. They run Afghanistan. Because of them, all-out war still wages in Iraq. Wait till you see what they do once the U.S. completes its withdrawal from Iraq.

Formerly moderate Turkey is falling to them. Syria is in their pocket. Lebanon has been destabilized: Iran now runs the place. Jordan is next.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Emirates have packed their prisons and torture centers, trying to contain the radical Iranian Shiite forces in their countries. In Northern Africa, Libya and Tunisia fell to the Shiites, i.e. to Iran.

Their greatest success to date is Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, an Iranian offshoot, has seized power there. They are so powerful, they backed down Egypt's all-powerful military. Women get so terrorized, they are afraid to leave their homes.

The Arab Spring was nothing more than a Shiite fundamentalist revolution. Backed, paid for and supported by Iran. With grave consequences for mankind.

This by itself is a huge crisis. It is about to get far worse. That's because Iran is months away from getting nuclear bombs. You better be ready for the ultimate terrorist threat: Shiite nut-cases armed with nuclear-tipped missiles.

World is about to face NUCLEAR Iran –
with an assist from Russia, China and North Korea

The Iranians don't use their oil revenue to build new roads. They don't construct better water treatment plants, hospitals or create new industries.

Like the old USSR, they use their money to build up their military. With the help of Russia, China and North Korea -– the traditional enemies of democracy and freedom -- they have quickly developed amazing weapons technologies.

Iran's Shahab-3 missiles put all the Middle East and much of Europe in range. They have at least a thousand of these missiles.

Their long-range rocket program, though not fully completed yet, has produced missiles that can even strike the U.S.

Russia supplies the Iranians with nuclear technology. N. Korea and China give them superior rocket and missile technology.

While the world sleeps, Iran's nuclear program has advanced by leaps and bounds. In just a few months they will have several nuclear bombs.

Each of these bombs will be far more explosive than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The latest UN report confirmed this. And Iran's Shahab-3 missiles will carry the nuclear warheads to their targets.

It gets worse. Iran has one of the world's largest uranium enrichment programs. Using the new SILEX laser technology, the Iranians can enrich uranium -- 16 times better than other technologies. See the box on this page and the next for more on this.

Bottom line, starting in 2013, Iran will be able to build 100 nuclear bombs a year. The ayatollahs can launch those bombs, in minutes, with the push of a button.

Iran repeatedly threatens its neighbors. It calls Israel the spawn of Satan. It says it will “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” Israel “will soon vanish.”

Iran is quite clear what it will do when it gets its nukes. The Jew infidels are “insects,” who “must be destroyed.” Iran's goal is to create a constant state of jihad around the globe, to tighten the grip of its beloved prophet.

Economic embargoes against Iran have enraged the ayatollahs. They want to strike back, and show they are a world nuclear power who must be respected.

They will have the capacity to do that just months from now.



International nuclear watchdogs –
Obama's great hope --
admit they achieved nothing

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) is supposed to make sure Iran does not build nuclear weapons. It is the west's last line of peaceful defense. The entire western world, including the U.S. and Europe, is staking Israel's survival on that hope.

But the IAEA admits it has accomplished nothing.

The IAEA just released its newest report. This report should sicken anyone who is not a radical Muslim. It tells in great detail how Iran has stonewalled all the IAEA's attempts to gain information about Iran's nuclear program.

The IAEA report says, “Despite the intensified dialog between the agency and Iran since January 12, efforts to resolve all outstanding substantive issues have achieved no concrete results.”

Do you see? They admit they have achieved nothing. And this is the west's last line in the sand. Our last chance to make sure Iran uses its nuclear power for “peaceful purposes only.”

One extremely alarming example of the IAEA failure: Iran has not let the IAEA within a hundred miles of the Parchin Nuclear Site. Parchin is critical because according to the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security:

“This huge complex is dedicated to research, development, and production of ammunition, rockets, and high explosives used as triggers in nuclear warheads. The site, owned by Iran’s military industry, has hundreds of buildings and test sites.”

The IAEA report says, “a Member State (of the IAEA) in the early 2000s alleged that Iran was conducting high explosive testing, possibly in association with nuclear materials, at the Parchin military complex.”

Let me explain why this is so dangerous. In today's world it is possible to secretly test nuclear explosive triggers indoors, without letting others know. To do this you need a highly specialized containment chamber. The explosion takes place inside the chamber. As the IAEA said in its report:

“Information which the Agency has been provided by Member States indicates that Iran constructed a large explosives containment vessel in which to conduct hydrodynamic (nuclear) experiments.”

The IAEA said, “Hydrodynamic experiments such as those described above are strong indicators of possible weapon development.”

Remember, the IAEA said this testing started in the early 2000s. i.e. Iran has been conducting secret nuclear explosive tests for the past 10 years!

The international safeguard agreement requires Iran to disclose everything it is doing at Parchin. Instead, Iran stopped the IAEA from investigating or even entering Parchin. Obama and the international community have done nothing about this outrage.

It's almost as if Obama wants Iran to rain nuclear bombs on its neighbors. Especially Israel.

This is one reason Iran will strike as soon as its nukes are ready. The ayatollahs believe no other countries will retaliate -– and the Middle East will rally around them as they destroy Israel. They feel they have this protection as long as Obama is in office. Obama has given them a free hand, no matter what they do. When you see the recent statement America's top general made, you'll understand why they feel that way...

Top American military leaders so out to lunch --
they refuse to admit Iran is building bombs!

Look how bizarre America's leadership is. On very sketchy info, the U.S. went to war against Iraq over its WMDs, nuclear and rocket programs. When the U.S. army got to Iraq, they found very little.

Now the U.S. has absolute iron-clad proof that Iran has WMDs. We know Iraq has missile systems that can launch its warheads of genocide across the Middle East and parts of Europe. In the near future, possibly on the U.S. as well.

The UN knows this. The IAEA knows it. The world's intelligence agencies know it. Yet we stand back and play patty cakes, at the very highest levels of our government and military.

One pathetic example of this is U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey. Dempsey is America's top military man. He just made an unbelievable statement. He said he did not presume to know if Iran's nuclear program was for military purposes.

Dempsey also made the absurd claim that the international sanctions against Iran are having an effect. i.e. they are working!

Not to be outdone, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added, “We’re not setting deadlines” for Iran. Hillary said “negotiations are the best way to resolve this crisis.” Way to put pressure on Iran, Hillary!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, America killed the wrong pig when it took out Saddam Hussein. The real radicals, the real terrorists, are the Iranian radicals. They run their nation with an iron fist. They don't even try to hide the fact that they want to wipe out America and Israel. They make serious bets about this every other week.

And now we have verified that within a few months they will have nuclear weapons programs that do exactly that.

Again, Iran is under full economic sanctions. It is a desperate, caged animal, with nothing to lose.

But if Iran can prove it's a force to be reckoned with -– that it can deliver nukes around the world on ICBMs –- it will be treated as a legit nuclear power. i.e. far differently from the other non-nuclear assorted trash.



A window of opportunity just opened --
– for Israel to stop Iran dead in its tracks

Several events have hit a critical time frame, that make Israeli leaders believe they must attack now.

One, Iran definitely has enough nuclear material to make 3-to-6 bombs. Those bombs are not yet operational. But within months they will be. If Israel waits any longer, for sure it will have to deal with a nuclear Iran.

Two, Iranian rockets can hit any target in Israel. That is a fact. As soon as Iran's nuclear bombs are ready, it's lights out in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and all other key Israeli cities.

Three, compliments of Putin, Iran has nearly finished its own version of the Russian S300 air defense system. This system seriously complicates Israel's attack, because it can detect and shoot down Israeli fighter jets.

The system is being deployed now. Israel wants to get there before it's finished and operational.

Four is what could seal the deal. Israel believes it has a brief window of opportunity to act now. That's because its neighbor and enemy to the north, Syria, has its hands tied with its own revolution.

Israel's neighbor/ enemy to the south, Egypt, has a similar problem. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to consolidate the power it only recently achieved.

Both countries have advanced weapons systems. Both hate Israel. Both would love to join a coordinated attack against the Jewish state and drive it into the sea.

But right now neither one is prepared or able to engage Israel in war.

Originally Israel planned to attack Iranian nuclear sites only. i.e. any places where Iran designs, builds or tests nuclear weapons, along with sites that enrich uranium.

That's no longer feasible. Iran has had enough time to diversify its nuclear sites around the country. It has hardened them deep underground.

So the plan now is for a “Shock and Awe” attack. Similar to what the U.S. did during its Iraq invasion.

The attack will likely start with Israeli cruise missiles. Israeli warships, subs and land bases will launch them. Underground missile sites Khorramabad and Isfahan will be taken out first, because they can strike Israel.

Iran's “Arak” nuclear reactor, which can produce plutonium for nuclear weapons, also will be attacked. So will nearby heavy water facilities; the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz; the weapons and munitions production facility in Parchin; the uranium enrichment facility in Fordow; and the Bushehr light water reactor.

Cruise missiles will attack command and control offices; research/development facilities; and senior personnel in the nuclear and missile apparatus. Also Iran's professional and military command ranks.

At the same time the planes come, using some of Israel's top-secret electronic warfare equipment. This includes the most advanced bunker-buster devices on the planet. See the photo above for one example of this.

World's first widescale EMP attack will
shut down Iran's electric grid, computers,
cellphone networks and transportation

Seconds later (literally), the world will see the first widespread EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.

This weapons system is part of a 20-year, top-secret Israeli development program. Until recently, it was virtually unknown to the U.S. military. Even many in Israel's government and military didn't know about it.

It is so secret, its name cannot be divulged. But I have permission to tell you this. It will be delivered by Israel's unstoppable Jericho III missiles.

This EMP system will leave no radiation. Just a pulse of super energy that destroys every electric device in its wake.

The EMP weapons will detonate in the skies over Iran. These bombs operate on the nonlethal technology of electromagnetic pulsed rays. The outburst of plasma energy from them will literally “fry” electric devices. It will destroy electricity distribution circuits all around Iran.

The EMP attack will completely shut down Iran's electric power grid, rendering it useless. All Iranian oil refineries, factories, military operations and nuclear plants will be in ruin. There will be no running water. No sewage removal or treatment. No transportation systems.

Overnight Iran will go from the 21st century to cave men.

Israel will give the world a new age in warfare. One that destroys modern infrastructure with little loss of life.

Iranian internet will go down and stay down. Same with Iranian telephone, radio, TV, communications, satellites -– along with fiber optic cables going to and from critical installations.

Communications in Iran will be by smoke signals and couriers carrying hand-written notes.

With all electric systems and electrical equipment decapitated; with communications of every kind down; with all rocket electronics destroyed; with airplanes unable to get off the ground... Iranians won't even be able to start a car.

What's more, Iran's entire electrical infrastructure will stay down for decades. That's because of the hair-sized carbon fiber threads left behind by another space-age Israeli weapon. The carbon fiber cluster bomb.

The carbon fiber bombs leave trillions of carbon threads all over Iran. They are finer than a single human hair. They burn and short out every electronic device or circuit they touch.

It's impossible to remove these carbon fibers. You can't clean them up. So Iran will not be able to fix a single circuit or electronic device. It will have to rebuild its power system from scratch. That will take decades.

Don't kid yourself. Israel can do this. Israeli technology is the most sophisticated in the world. Its EMP/carbon weapons are so advanced, they will even take out Iran's underground facilities.

In the vacuum the Israeli attack creates, it is believed the well-organized Iranian resistance movement will rise up and take back control of the country, in what will be called the Iranian Winter.

Weapons I have seen include systems to shut down all cellphone, telephone and internet systems. Israel has satellite jammers well out of reach of any Iranian technology. They will shut down and jam all radio frequencies for firemen, police, military and high-ranking officials.

Israel also has an unmanned drone named the Heron TP. It flies up to 40 straight hours. It is part of a special Israeli air force unit known as the Sky Crows. They concentrate on electronic warfare. Their electronic systems of destruction are something out of Star Wars.

Israel won't bomb civilians

The idea is not to bomb civilian targets. Unlike Iran, Israel doesn't want to spill civilian blood, unless it's forced to.

It wants to instantly catapult Iran back to the Dark Ages. As I said, no power. No water. No cars, phones, computers, internet or TV.

No generators. No mechanical transportation. The only thing that will move is the donkeys pulling carts.

Israel feels it is time to strike a crushing blow against Iran. One that delivers the goods, and proves who has the superior technology.

Israel believes a first strike on Iran will send a message to all the Islamic crazies: even Iran's advanced weapons systems are no match for Israel's superior technology. Much like the U.S. taught the world, when its advanced nuclear weapons made it the world's super power.

For decades the Israelis have invested huge sums of money into high-tech weapons. They are determined to never let Hitler's genocide be repeated against them. They have the ability to send Iran back to the Dark Ages -– without loss of life.

Normally such attacks would be kept top secret. But EMP and advanced cyber-attack technologies are the next high ground in modern warfare. They are so new, there is no defense against them.

And Israel truly does not want to kill Iranian civilians. It wants to minimize loss of life. By publicizing now, perhaps the message will get through to some Iranians. That is why Israel went so far as to leak information about the EMP attack to the Times of London. The Times also reported that Iran would get “sent back to the Stone Age.”

Near the end of World War II, in the days before America launched its atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, U.S. fighter planes flew over those cities. The U.S. planes dropped over a million pamphlets. The pamphlets gave dire warnings to Japanese civilians living there. They showed pictures of America's a-bomb tests. They showed the target zones. Casualty estimates. They urged the citizens to move out of harm's way.

Japan made a fatal mistake. It did not believe America had such a weapon. So it ignored the warnings.

Result: within two days the war was over. Japan gave its unconditional surrender. Its military was obliterated and to this day does not exist in any serious capacity.

Conversations I've had with Israeli officials suggest they damn well are NOT willing to suffer an Iranian nuclear attack, from state-of-the-art, low-weight, high-capacity nuclear weapons. They feel Iran will launch just such an attack the second it is able to, killing millions of Israelis.

Instead, it is better to attack Iran now, sending it and the ayatollahs back to the Stone Age. Rather than millions of Israelis

dead in a nuclear holocaust, Israel might suffer the collateral dead of a few hundred to a thousand Israelis at most. (A few Iranian rockets will be able to launch and get through Israeli defenses.)

Iran is defenseless
against the EMP attack

Overall, Iran will be helpless in the face of such an attack. What good does the most advanced rocket in the world do -- if when Iran pushes the button on the launch pad, nothing happens: no electric systems work in the EMP shockwave.

All of Iran's tanks, jeeps and mobile missile launchers do nothing -– if their motors don't start... their hydraulics won't work... and the navigation, missile launch, and control systems are totally inoperative. Even an LED light won't glow.

Back in 1967 Israel completely annihilated the enemies who attacked it. It used its advanced technology to humble them for 40 years.

Israel now believes that with the Arab Spring, the attack on the World Trade Center, and the unending, ever-more-severe threats Iranian leaders make against Israel, it's time to once again teach the Muslim world a lesson. One they remember for the next 40 years.

Israeli cyber-attacks have already shut down Iran's internet. They briefly shut down Iranian communications. They wormed into Iran's nuclear program, shut down its centrifuges and even its laboratories. It was hoped Iran would learn the lesson.

But Iran was too arrogant to get the message.

Believe me, the Israeli public is more than ready to take down Iran. Gas masks are being distributed throughout the country. Bomb shelters –- required in all apartment buildings, public buildings and many homes –- are being readied.

Israel is deploying its famous missile defense system all around the country. They even put in a nationwide SMS system, that warns citizens of attacks and their locations within five minutes.

Israel's leaders are ready, too. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes Iran could have nukes in as little as four weeks. Days ago he said, “Iran must not have nuclear weapons.”

Key Israeli Defense Ministry Chief Amos Gilad said, “Iran is our central threat.” He said Iran has hundreds of ICBMs that could be launched in minutes, and that can hit Israel. He said countering this Iranian threat must be Israel's top priority.

Sholomo Brom, former commander of the army's strategic planning division, said Prime Minister Netanyahu is preparing the Israeli public for an attack on Iran. He said a strike could come within the next six months.

You know what happened back in the 1930s. The world buried its head in the sand about the dire threat Hitler posed. They paid an unthinkable price.

Well, the world is making the same mistake now with Iran. Like Hitler, the Iranians are taking over one country after another. Like Hitler, they make their intentions 100% clear.

The really scary thing is that Iran has one huge advantage over Hitler: 1.5 billion Muslim followers, spread out in every nation the world over. Think what Hitler would have done, if he had a billion secret German supporters, in every society around the globe.

One nation sees the Iranian threat only too well. Israel. Thank God. They are not going to let Iran turn them into radioactive dust. The Israeli attack is coming soon.

In closing, the world sits by as Iran keeps enriching vast amounts of uranium. Far more than they could ever need for their one so-called “peaceful” nuclear power plant.

The IAEA, in its most recent report, at the end of August, said Iran has over 9000 centrifuges, using them to enrich uranium to weapons grade.

Israel's Netanyahu is getting more intense. On September 11 he said, “Those in the international community who refuse to put a red line before Iran, don’t have the moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary of Defense, said, “Iran will have nuclear bombs that it can deliver on its missiles within 12 months.” Israeli experts say three months or less.

The question is, what kind of stupid-ass game are we playing here? 3 months, 6 months, 12 months -- until the most radical regime of the last 70 years has nukes to drop on Israel and the U.S.??

Only a fool waits till the unthinkable happens. Then it's too late. Israel is no fool. They have dealt with Islamic crazies and terrorists since the day their nation was formed.

Literally. The first day of Israel's existence, the Arab states surrounding it launched a massive attack against it, on several fronts. Israel ended up winning, setting the tone for the 64 years that have followed.

After 911, after Afghanistan -- which is America's longest war in history -- there should be no doubt. We're dealing with an Islamic uprising. With some of the most ruthless tyrants the world has seen in charge.

To sit there and debate how far we should let them progress from suicide bombers to nuclear missiles is the height of insanity.

Two weeks ago, Muslim Brotherhood crazies in Egypt scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy. They tore down the U.S. flag. Their allies in Libya killed the U.S. ambassador. They are igniting protests/riots across the Middle East and even Europe.

This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that the U.S. gave $500 million to when it rose to power... $1 billion more shortly after... and is arranging for the World Bank to forgive $15 billion in international loans.

Hillary Clinton can call for “diplomatic solutions” till the cows come home. Israel is going to attack Iran. With or without U.S. assistance. Israel has no choice but to neutralize one of the greatest threats the world faces. Islamic crazies with Nukes.

In this next section, I talk about the phenomenal trading opportunities that will open up once the attack occurs, and reverse themselves once Iran is neutralized.

Remember. The world economy is already perched on the edge of a cliff. Despite the temporary insane rally in U.S. stocks, business and unemployment get worse by the day.

Europe's economy is a basket case. Its automotive industry is about to wipe out. Its banks are beyond broke, falling deeper in the hole by the day. Real estate is crashing and the unemployed grow by the day.

The EU promises unlimited bailouts of member states. Total fantasy. The EU doesn't have enough money to cover one-hundredth of what is needed, never mind (ha,ha,ha) unlimited.

Real soon now, the EU will have to put up or shut up. I promise you, the EU can't put up. This will shake the markets to their core.

Now on top of all this, the global economy -– just months away from meltdown -– must deal with the imenite Israeli attack on Iran.

My information says the attack could take anytime between now and the next six months. Line up your ducks now or regret it the rest of your life. This is the stuff great trading fortunes are made of.

Baron de Rothschild said...
“The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets.”
It will soon be flowing....are you ready?

No surprise that the war will create several “trades of a lifetime.” Oil is one of these. But in the exact opposite way everyone expects.

Oil will go through a two step scenario. Step one is the sucker's move. The one that lures the masses, the foolhardy, to their doom.

Step two is the billionaire maker. As you'll see in a moment, that's no exaggeration.

Israel will be very clever. It will attack with hi-tech weapons never seen in warfare before. Iran, despite all its bluster, is not ready. It will get caught sleeping.

News of the attack will instantly race around the world. Faster than you can say “Muslim Brotherhood,” oil prices will jump $50 or more, to $150-$200 a barrel.

Israel will destroy the Iranian nuclear program. Its super weapons will cripple 99%+ of Iran's army, air force and navy.

But the Iranians do have a slight military capacity outside Iran. Some of this will escape the initial Israeli attack.

In rage and fear, these few outlying Iranian forces will a) retaliate against Israel, and b) sink the first oil tanker they see in the Gulf. That will drive oil even higher. $250, even $300 a barrel. The market's automatic knee-jerk reaction, when it fears oil supplies may be at risk.

Except this time, supplies won't be at risk. At least not for more than a couple of days.

First, major governments of the world have prepared for this very shock. The U.S., Japan, Germany, China and others filled their strategic oil reserves to record highs. They will immediately release that oil. This will help calm the market and reverse the price increases.

Then reports will come in about the devastation of Iran's infrastructure. The utter, total disabling of Iran's military. The reality that the Strait of Hormuz is not shut down, and actually, with Iran neutralized, will soon ship more crude than ever. See the box on the right for why the Strait is in fact a non-issue.

The market will realize that the major source of Middle East strife -– Iran -– has been removed from the energy equation for good. That without the world's number one terror regime, Middle East crude will flow better than ever.

Oil will do a snap reversal. It will crash $100 overnight. Within a week it will drop from $250-$300 a barrel down to $50. With the trades I give you, that alone will be worth a fortune to you. But it's just the start.

The market is already starting to see the truth: oil is swimming in vast over-supply. U.S. oil production is up 14% in the past year. It's about to double in the next several years, and then double shortly after that. This is due to our huge shale oil reserves. They give the U.S. the most oil of any nation on the planet. Over 5 trillion barrels. Nearly twenty times more than total Saudi reserves.

Then there's Canada. Its oil sands alone nearly match entire Saudi reserves. Venezuela has more reserves than Saudi Arabia as well. It keeps discovering more.

And there's also Iraq. While the market has looked the other way, Iraq has quietly become the world's second biggest oil producer. With Iranian terror out of the way, Iraqi production will surge higher and higher.

Incredibly, Iraq is not counted in world oil supply figures. Neither is the increased Saudi production, the higher Venezuelan production, the U.S. shale reserves or Canada's sand oil supplies.

But that is changing as well. The markets can no longer ignore these vast supplies. (Even thought the Wall Street hucksters want you to believe the myth that the world is running out of oil.)

In short, the world isn't simply about to get a big amount of new oil. We're about to get a Noah's Ark Flood of new oil. At the exact same time, the global depression means demand will fall lower and lower.

But rising, record oil supplies are only part of the picture. A far better, more plentiful fuel is making huge inroads. Both in producing energy and as an auto fuel. I'm talking about natural gas.

I've shown you many times before how natural gas costs less than half as much as oil. A recent study showed that in the U.S., you can now drive four times further on $10 of natural gas than on gasoline.

Natural gas is also the cleanest fuel on the planet: if all cars ran on natural gas, air pollution would vanish. Natural gas is so abundant, the U.S. has enough to meet its energy needs for the next 2000 years.

All this adds up to one thing. With oil supplies soon to reach ten times demand... with natural gas taking more and more of the market... with demand for crude crumbling as the depression spreads... oil will plunge. It will go back to its fair market price of under $10 a barrel.

The vast majority of Arab oil will stay in the ground. OPEC sheiks will go back to being camel jockeys.

And this gives you the opportunity of a lifetime.

When Israel attacks, the mass of retail investors will do what they usually do: make the exact wrong decision. As crude soars, they will jump into the bubble oil market. With both hands, they will buy the highest-priced oil the world has ever seen.

A fatal error. Because next comes the oil reversal and crash.

With each passing second, all those oil “buy” positions will go deeper under water. With the Iranian threat out of the equation, oil will return to the fundamentals of supply and demand. People who bought into the oil supply myth will lose buckets of money. Trading floors, already chaotic, will turn into pure pandemonium.

You've probably seen pictures of Black Friday, 1929. That's the day the stock market crashed and kicked off the Great Depression. It will be like that all over again. Actually, because of computer trading, it will be a lot worse.

As oil crashes, traders and people will desperately try to get out of the market. They won't be able to, any more than passengers can get out of a plane whose wings have broken off and is careening to the ground.

The market will be be frozen and gap open much lower. This always happens during financial upheavals. Get ready for the biggest market upheaval of the last 83 years.

And that's where we make the killing of all killings. By taking the other side of those 180 degree wrong positions. With fantastic leverage, and so little risk you will be dancing a jig.

One trade I uncovered does exactly that. It lets you leverage crashing oil prices to the max: for every dollar oil falls, you make many dollars profit. Yet it limits your risk to your small initial investment.

You get the best of both worlds. The potential to make huge leveraged profits -– without the risk of futures, options, margin calls, expiration dates, or any loss beyond your initial investment.

The trade I'm talking about is an ETF. It now trades for around $7 a share. Back when oil was over $50 a barrel, this same ETF traded for around $300 a share.

When oil shoots up to $250 or $300 a barrel, this ETF will fall hard. I expect it to become a penny stock, worth $.25-to-$.50 a share. Sellers will almost pay you to take shares off their hands. Your broker will laugh in scorn when you place your buy order.

Then comes the shock oil crash. With each downward move, your ETF makes you more leveraged profits. When oil goes back to $50, this trade should again sell for around $300 a share. A 1000x increase, more or less, from the bottom.

And if oil falls to under $10 a barrel, as I expect, this trade could go up another 15-to-20 times in value. That's what 3-to-1 leverage does for you.

Our strategy is to start slowly, buying now in carefully planned layers. As oil goes up, we will add more positions. That means our average price will keep falling. We'll end up with a very large number of positions, at a very low average price.

The numbers are spectacular. Say you get a hundred shares of this ETF now. That will cost you all of seven hundred dollars. As you add more positions, at lower and lower prices, your average price should come to around a buck a share.

With this type of buying you would end up with a few thousand shares. Your average price would be around a dollar. Your total investment would be a few thousand dollars.

Do the arithmetic. You see what a few thousand shares could be worth to you when oil goes back to $50, and the ETFs you bought at $1 are worth $300 a share. Two thousand dollars becomes six hundred thousand. Three thousand turns into nine hundred thousand.

That's not all, though. When oil returns to its fair market value, these shares will truly soar. Each one could be worth several thousand dollars. Two thousand shares could be worth around ten million. Five thousand shares -– that would cost you all of five grand -– could be worth around twenty five million.

Normally these kinds of profits are impossible. This time they are not only possible. I fully expect them. The combination of oil prices that are already sky-high, Iran's massive defeat and the particular ETF I uncovered make this one of the closest things to a sure-fire speculation ever.

You see why I call it the “billionaire maker.” It's the best opportunity I've ever seen. Because it also gives you a great fall-back position. Even if Israel doesn't attack, oil still has all those supply/demand fundamentals I told you about before.

Do you see? Crude is going back to $10 a barrel, no matter what. Even if the war never materializes, you still make huge, leveraged profits.

But the odds are nine in ten that Israel attacks in the next twelve months. Then we have one of the greatest slam dunk trades ever seen.

How to make this trade

You are reading about the most powerful potential money-making recommendation I have ever given. I sincerely believe you could turn a few thousand into many millions. Maybe a lot more.

That does not happen often. Like almost never.

What's more, oil is just one trade the war will open up. There are several more. Precious metals, stocks, even U.S. government securities are about to go through the ringer as well.

In each case, the markets will have it dead wrong. In each case, by understanding the events that are unfolding and their outcome, we could make fortunes.

With these trades, you never face a margin call. There are no futures or options. No time constraints. No expiration dates.

You risk no more than your small initial investment. If we are right, you could cash in, and have the biggest payday of your life. As I showed you, even if Israel does not attack you could have your biggest payday.

Here's how you can get in on this. Subscribe to my Wall Street Insiders VIP service. It comes to you instantly, by Internet, SMS messages and even fax if you like. That lets me send you, within seconds, all the information you need to get in on these trades. What to buy. When, at which price. The inside story of what is really going on.

You will know when to add more to your positions, to lower your average price. And of course, when to get out, to make the most profits. Strategy and timing are everything in this trade.

The WSI is the only market information service I know of designed to reveal to average investors secret trading opportunities like these, known only to Wall Street insiders.

My goal is show the little guy how Wall Street and the big money boys set up the “retail” public for a fleecing -– and to teach ordinary investors how to use Wall Street’s own trading secrets against them.

This Iran/Israeli war is a great example of that kind of trading opportunity. The masses are about to again lose their shirts. Wall Street is about to again make trillions more.

Of course, my Wall Street Insiders isn’t for everyone. For one thing, a one-year subscription is $5,000. No discounts.

I realize for many people today that is a lot of money. But this oil trade alone could make you hundreds of times that -- if and when we are right.

If you have some speculative capital you can afford to risk -– say $7,000 or more -– the Wall Street Insiders VIP Premium Pub could well be one of the best investments you ever make. Truly.

The bottom line is this: If I’m wrong, you’ll only lose at most your initial investment. Not a penny more.

But if I’m right... if Israel does not sit back and let Iran rain nuclear weapons on it... you could make a fortune. Very, very quickly. That money will help you live very well indeed during the ongoing depression.

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But whatever you do, don’t wait. This opportunity will not last long. Call me right now. Time is shorter than you think. War in the Middle East is imminent.

Profitably yours,
Nick Guarino